Technical writer, editor & publishing project manager

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Twitter: @HelenaR_bridges

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  • Do you need help communicating complex engineering stories to potential clients or readers?
  • Looking for someone who can create engaging case studies from dense technical detail
  • Don't have time to update and refresh your website content on a regular basis?
  • Not sure how to present your company on social media and need help building a following?
  • Need a press release that will catch the attention of the editor?
  • Or do you just want to bring in freelance editing and publishing support for specific projects or occasional publications? 

I have 30 years' experience in business-to-business technical publishing - the vast majority in the international civil and structural engineering sector. Having spent the last two decades at the helm of a highly-regarded international bridge engineering magazine, where I was responsible for the title and its associated websites, awards programmes, conferences and other products, I have unrivalled experience in all aspects of print and digital publishing. 

Twenty years of editing technical copy translated from other languages enables me to correctly identify bridge-specific engineering terms in a number of European languages, and to eliminate the common pitfalls in technical translations.    

Project reports, case studies & press releases

Information from background papers, online research, interviews and site visits is combined into a clear and concise case study or project report, working closely with clients to ensure the copy aligns with the corporate brand and tone of voice. 

    My knowledge of civil engineering and my understanding of the construction industry enables me to quickly establish the key facts and interesting points of any project, from a modest footbridge to a major transportation link. Case study articles or site reports can be prepared for submission to specialist journals, for publication in an in-house magazine or website, or for submission as part of a bid. Press releases can be drafted at the same time, as part of my one-stop shop service. 

    I am adept at writing personal or company profiles, reporting on conference presentations or round-table events, and even carrying out research for historical articles using company archives.

    Technical editing & proof-reading

    Twenty years' experience as an editor in business-to-business publishing has given me the ability to rapidly root out and eliminate ambiguity, to make clarity the top priority, and to edit and proof-read articles, conference papers, bid documents or website articles to ensure that they are accurate, grammatically correct, have a consistent style, and are appropriate to the intended audience.

      With my knowledge of the engineering sector and its technical jargon, I can ensure that copy is understood by its audience, and that it is clear, readable and engaging while conveying complex technical information and underlining your corporate message and reflecting the desired tone of voice. 

      Publishing & social media consultancy

      Do you need advice on publishing a commemorative book, or want help with presenting your brand effectively on social media? I have experience in developing books and other standalone publications all the way from archive research to final publication.

      I also have several years' experience in using social media platforms Twitter and Linked In in a business context. I will advise on pitching your brand effectively; assist your team to develop posts that will increase your engagement and raise your profile, and provide customised guidance on how to efficiently and effectively exploit the opportunities that social media offers.

        I work with other freelancer professionals who provide graphic design, print production and website design services; we can help you develop a corporate style for your publications or online presence, or apply your existing style to whatever you are looking to publish.